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Hey! I wanted to know if you could help me find a pare of skates for £100 or less.
I've been skating for about a year and im pretty good on my blades, my mates call me sky because I can get wicked air out of the banks at ROM skate park in romford, England. I had a pair of skates but there pretty muffed up. hope you can answer my Q, yours .. DavinaTickner@aol.com

Please Find Someone For Me ..
I am looking for a skater named Ryan Davis he is from Portland Oregon. He finished 18th at the ASA Am finals this year. Thanks Denise .... Anyone know where he is??

The Life of a Traveling Show Skater By Andy Turner .... What's it like? Check it out!

My Big Mute My Big Mute - dncberger@bright.net (DENNIS )

hi, my name is andres. im from Rio de Janeiro. i am interested on buying some of your Hot Rails but not by ordering them all the way here to Brazil. could you please tell if you know of any store at Houston Texas where i can buy the Hot rails? because im travelling there and i wanted to buy them there.
thank you. sincerely, Andres
Hey - Thanks for writing! You're right! We are the only source for our Rails .... doesn't pay to have anyone have to ship them twice ...

The Ground Hogg is $199 'n the Bridge $249 'n so on . . . But right now there's a sale!

As for the other Rail $$ - check out the price 'n Order page on
When any new stats hit - they'll announce all the dope there.... All foriegn orders go Federal Express collect to your nearest airport (from New York)

Hey what's up? I live in Va. I just wanted to say if you are ever in Va I would recommend going to Vans Skatepark. It's pretty tight, they got 3 different size halfpipes!!. Oh and please checkout my site for more info. My site is called "Aggressive Inliners" It's got info on skating in Good old Manassas Va. Here is the Url: http://www.extremesk8rs.homestead.com Thanx

your rails are tight!!!
Peace Laurel

Equipment for sale
Hey Slider I was on ur web page it is really cool. But anyways i have some K2 that have only been used for about 1/2 a year. They look brand new. They are the "Bing Airs". They are yellow and black and look like new. When i get my scanner working i will send u a pic of them. So if u could post them for me i would like that. And I am selling them for about 100 to 115 dollars. Thanks Chris

If you are aware of anyone selling a used groundhog rail, please e-mail me. or even if you guys are having a great sale. Broke in N.C.
thanks, jason

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Yo whats up i am a fellow blader in long island new york i live by glen cove i would really love to add some more sk8ers to our present team of four. We are mad cool and nice and on all different levels but we dont care how good or bad you are we sk8 for fun and push eachother on regardless of skill. Of course we encourage each other to face certain fears but we are bros and look for nothing but a phat time out sk8ing and hanging out.
so please if you are in the area email me at sk8dudes@aol we will make the best of it.
And to everyone else "blade on and when you fall and hirt yourself remember scars and broken bones heal but glory lasts for ever."
Keep Peace Alive KPA AMA"""""

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hey - i have a pair of 9.5 Solomon st90's with abecseven berings and fabiola desilva 50/50 grindplates and Arron findberg senate wheels. make an offer

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