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hey its blake, im a 12 year old aggressive skater. i live in madbury, new hampshire. i go street skating mostly every day but when i cant i sk8 at my house on my mini ramp.


next year i will be joining the ASA am circuit. thats gonna be sweet. i have no sponsors. if you have any questions for me e-mail me at: streetsk8@mediaone.net .


Dear Hotrails, i know that its been awhile since i e-mailed u but i have some newer and better pics. Jeff

Jeff .. Jeff (left, right and lower left ..)

your sweet site   
Hey there. my names Cat + im from southsea in the uk + i came across your site when trying to buy some skates on the net. i think your site is great-power to the girlies! I just got into blading recently-i used to board but jeff

i lost my patience.i love agressive skating cos you learn new tricks every day. anyways, i think its great what your doing + i was majorly stoked when i came across yor site. c ya, luv cat p.s do u know anywhere in the uk i can get a secondhand pair of sk8s- good ones like salomons or roces.anyone selling?

Anika Winter
hey i noticed that you mentioned anika on yur page. Thats so cool because i skated with her the week b4 the x-trials at camp woodward and i was wondering where i could get more info on her because she is soooo cool! i had so much fun hanging out and skating with her! so if you could please email me back at blue6535@hotmail.com with the name of some sites that she is on or any info that would be great.
Yeah - she's great!! and has made it to all of our WASN Events too! I'm sure she'll appreciate the Props! - cool!


~Hey Everyone!~ Here's a Pic of me trying my very first grind not too long ago in my first pair/new aggro skates only a day old--I'm From Buffalo NY....only 12 years old in this pic - just startin out and lookin for some tips ~if anyone has any suggestions thanks~keep skatin'~ Rach~~~

Jeff - Me_soul Dear Hotrails,
Hey its me again here a couple of my pics you said you would put on the
I wanted to know if you can sponsor me. I live in Buffalo, NY. I have been skating for 1 year. I am 12 years old. I can do a variety of tricks. Some of my tricks are Unity, Soul grind, Topside soul, Topside Porn star, alley-oop soul, fishbrain, crossbone, and other grinds. These are some of my grab moves: Mute, Safety, grab, and a handplant. I want this sponsorship so I can get into the X-Games. Thanx!!   Jeff
Awesome Bro!! - will keep you in mind if we ever get around to having a Team Hot Rails for sure!


Yo Hotrails,  Ordering Query from afar!
Firstly your products rock,  you obviously know what a skater wants and needs!
However, I live pretty far away from America. In fact I am across the Atlantic in England!
Could you give me some idea as to all the total costs involved in sending a ground hogg rail all the way to England?
Thanx, should be making a purchase soon if you can send it all that way!   Craig

Yo! CrAIG!!   All foriegn orders go Federal Express collect to your nearest airport (from New York) ... SOoo .. Ya gotta call 'em and ask for the rates based on weight ... the Ground Hogg weighs about 38 lbs ...  Cool - laters!


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the only place on the Net,
(that we know of) where you can look for and find otherSKATERS, Hot Bod's, 'n "the Cool FOLK in the know . . "that you've been lookin' for . . . . \

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hi:)  me name is ben and i from israel
i like to build a 1/2 pipe ramp bet i don't how to do the circle right the ramp is 6.5 meter long 3 meter width and 1.70 height please send me back plans or anything thet sied how to do the circle
thanks ben


OK - here's the deal . .
Our plans
are proprietary information - 30 years results in design and engineering - nobody builds the way we do - 'n that's why we get the parks that we do . .
We want to be selling plans soon but ... it depends on how long it takes Drew to get his act together!!!  Bust his chops!!!   or call him!!! 973-283-2631   He says that all he needs to do is the list of materials .... SSSOooooooo.

There are some pages with all kinds of ramp stuff at the bottom - checkout: http://www.netwizards.net/~ddowling/ramps.html

and if ya want see more AWESOME Chick Skaters ... Check out :

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For Skatepark/Camp Equipment questions:
E-mail Drew @ Sk8ramps@aol.com

i got a skate rail that i wanna sell. its a bright red mojo rail. cost $150 but will sell for cheap.


New really cool important Industry News everybody!
Heads up about
"SIN" .. from Kate Gengo (WASN)

Men's Vert Gravity Games

From what I've heard about "SIN"(Skate Industry Network), it's been in the thought process for maybe about 2 years now. It was cultivated from the concerns of skaters and industry leaders about the direction the skate scene was seemingly going. Many people were simply just not happy with it. Some thought of creating a new Governing Body - some wanted more World Unity and some just said "F**K it, I'm leaving! " So check this out what just came in from Angie Walton of Daily Bread Mag.

Men's Vert Gravity Games

The official S.I.N. Pro Tour

Cesar Mora Cesar Mora - Right
What is a "S.I.N." pro tour? Simple. It's a bunch of independent industry events linked together by industry manufacturers and media who have mutually committed to supporting and covering them (Daily Bread will be there to cover each of these events guaranteed). What is "S.I.N." It stands for Skate Industry Network. It is not an association or a governing body. It is simply a NETWORK of communication and information.

Things will grow and change as the industry sees fit and each of the events listed here is open to grow and change as the industry responds and makes its demands. Additionally, all pro skaters are able to openly compete at each of these events.
Gravity Vert There will be a "S.I.N."NERS BBQ on the Sunday following the ASR tradeshow and the final IMYTA here in San Diego.

Anyone with scripting and internet skills wishing to con ribute to the building of the "S.I.N." please E-mail Us! This is an entirely not for profit venture being created to help build strong and valuable communication across the globe and promote the independence and integrity of the industry and everyone it.

See you there!

CLICK HERE for the The official "S.I.N" Pro Tour calendar for 2001 and 2002 to date.

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And we've got an Awesome interview with Takes and Eito Yasutoko from Osaka, Japan .. who took 3rd and forth at Gravity c.oming right up .. ASAP ..So welcome to 2001

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From: Lost107@aol.com (Some guy who already "lost" his AOL account)
To: hawkeyed_skater@hotmail.com (THE NAP SKATE CREW FROM MARYLAND)
ur site sux and the grinds u do on the stairs are just stalls first off the stairs are too short and not waxed. wow a safety grab humph challenging, i think not. you guys suc ...

Says you .. and except you didn't send us any pics of You doin' the know .. so how do We know you're not some No Nothing Poser ? Here're some more "Fake" shots .. NOT!

pic.jpg - 15159 Bytes

"Over here in Maryland, we have a little 2 person skate team. We consist of me (Nick), and my buddy Phillip. We were wondering if you could post our pics and our website or the hotrails page or pages.

pix3.jpg - 10842 Bytes

Our Site address is http://skater.spydar.com - Thanks dude...
and if you could hook us up with some left over hot rails that'd be sweet. (and no i'm not kidding) :) Thanks

NAP.gif - 3474 Bytes

No Prob Nick - We thank YOU!
and if any one forgot the originals pics .. (excellent!)
Click Here..
Keepin' it real ..

hey hey hey ... my name is justin , im 17 /m and i live in indy .
Im a street skater , and very true to my sport and making it grow. Kelly Mathews I love your site , i also love girl inliners , there goddesses to me, but there rare . (Kelly Mathews @ Chelsea Pier, NYC right)
Im sure they are often discouraged about skating, and decide not to get into it because of that . There is one gurl skater in indpls here, and shes like really cool , but i dont think she wants a bf or anything . BUT THERE IS ONE . .I do my part by offering free lessons at our public skate park , and im currently starting a crew ,and a clothing line .We need more people like you to promote our sport right now, keep it real If you can drop me a line .
Thanks - justin

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