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- Thanks for the E-mail!.... finally got it up 'n runnin' & we got some excellent comments........such as..........

Dear Hot Rails
I am really good. I can do a fishbone on a hot rail. And a unity too.
On a ramp my newest trick is a misty flip. So please sponser me. My name is max i'm 11. P.S. I can do a fartfinugen

Hey - Thanks for writing! We appreciate your interest and support! Yeah - we are accepting pics and 3-4 minute videos from SK8rs who are looking for sponsorship to sk8 in NISS and always pics for the web! Also - tell us where you live for geograph. purps. Send them to :

45 Park Place South
Suite 101
Morristown, NJ 07960
We will return the tape "n the pics when we're done.

Hi my name is Jordan and i will scan some pics for you guys. I live in Buffalo NY and i am 14. I am an expert skater and i Just placed 4th in a ASA AM comp.
I have been skateing for 2 years now and i really need a good sponser to help me become pro in a few years. I am a Park/street skater but most of the time park~!
Thank you, Jordan

Makara Martin jumping calgary's Big Doubles My name is Arf, i am 16 and i ride BMX i ahve been riding for about over 4 years. i Ride a Basic Streetfighter and i built it up myself from parts and shit. my friends have been riding longer but are too stupid to work a camera, so i jsut take pictures of them, and sometimes they take pictures of me.
i hate fruitbooters, they piss me off, until i started dating one, now fruitbootin is ok in my books, jsut to show my apreciationt - i am sending you photos,. so heregoes:
Mike DeCnodder riding at Shuv trails here in Calgary

the first one is Mike DeCnodder riding at Shuv trails here in Calgary

Scott Tattrie at Billy's Bowl in Calgary the next one is Scott Tattrie at Billy's Bowl in Calgary on our 1/4 pipe (R.I.P)

the one up top is Makara Martin from Airdrie Alberta jumping calgary's Big Doubles at the BMX track she is 13, i think.
i ahve no photos of my girlfriend, but lately she has been doing the same gaps i have hit. and the same rails too. so expect some photos of her. mabey one where "she is topless grinding a fender or ledge or something...



Skate Mail! DA BEST
Wuz up, I am an aggressive in line sk8er. I am 12 years old and weigh 75 lbs I've been aggro sk8ing for about 1 year. I just wanna say you guys are DA BEST!! Every time I come on-line I go to your site.
Thanx for readin' this
Sinceraly, Will
P.S. Florida is DA BOMB!!!!

hello, i was hoping that perhaps you would be able to help me. i used to ride bmx bikes when i was younger and stopped years ago, anyway i have had the urge to hop back on one but am having a real hard time finding an old school frame, nothing fancy nor to hooked up for freestyle a simple chrome fram will suffice.
Sso o if you hear about anything can you email me i am over in new brunswick and willing to commute if something pops up as to look at it.
thanks, george

mike sarafinas

name:mike sarafinas
lives:pembroke, mass

what's up?slider
Hey, thanks man for anwserin my questions about the mens skates for 150.00 or less!
i was stoked when i got the e-mail back b/c i thought alot of people e-mail you and takes like 3 months to get the e-mail back! thanks again sly!
well thanks again my fellow skater! WBASAP IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

ok here is the deal
i need help finding at least three different types of magazines about rollerblading cus i am a rollerblader but i don't know where to get magazines or catalogs - please give me some sites or names or phones or something that may help i'm trying to find out cus i need some new skates cus i'm going to go to the Xtrials for the XGames they rt coming to Puerto Rico and i need some help .....by the way i'm looking for this magazines cus i really don't know how to do many tricks and i need some videos and magazines to help me..........
Thank You for listening and helping..... Jose( PhatJoe) P.S.only if u would try to help would make me feel good

Ya know - so many skaters like you are always lookin' for the right stuff like this and I keep tryin' to convince the mags to put sub coupons on Hotrails.com - They keep telling me that "they got their own website" and "they don't need to participate on Hotrails"
- Well - if they're so good at at doin' the internet thing - How come guys like you can't find 'em??
I'm gonna put your letter up 'n show these mags (who all mean well and have real good stuff of their own ...) where the action is - and maybe then the light 'll go on - and they'll understand that workin' with Hotrails will only help 'em out!
Thanks Bro! Your letter is a big help!

SLED DOG GRINDING ON KINK How long will your rails last? I really want to buy that KINK with an Extension, but I have to save up enough money. What is your opinion about the KINK rail? About how long will it take a rail to get to my house the cheapest way possible?

I live in Jackson, Mississippi... It doesn't sound like a very big skating city - but we have about 40 true aggressive Skaters!

Thanks - Andrew

Dear Andrew -
Sorry about your ankle - that really does suck!!
It's because of the unknown of "how to get a decent weld......." we decided to make our rails without welds - saves a lot of aggravation........

As far as how long a Hot Rails will last - they'll be around a lot longer than your skates will (ha ha) - unless you run it over with a car or something - it should be good for several years - like a "pass down" type thing - you know - like to your friend - 'n then his buddy - and then somebody's kid sister - to her boy friend - 'n so on..... just don't leave it out in the elements for ever - the rust will get bad.

East of Maui Skatepark, MD The KINK with an Extension is definitely our most popular model combo - gives you some of every angle 'n more length than you need. Once we get your check - the rails should only take about 5-7 days to get anywhere...
Hope your ankle heals real soon -
And thanks for writing!!

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