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Finally an answer from Josh
I have been skating for about a year and have always had K2 Skates. If you want to get into aggressive skating I perfer the Backyards. They are not as expensive and are just as good as the Fatty Pro's. All the kids I skate with have either the Backyard's or the Fatty Pro's.
But if you still want to rec skate then get the K2 Flights. But the least expensive thing youi could do is by a power strap for your old skates.


To: Hot Rails


I'm a totally aggressive sk8er, i started about 3 years ago and vastly improved after learning my signature move, (farside alley-oop topside pornstar)
i think that sk8ing doesn't belong to the sk8ers any more , it belongs to the gay sponsors,
Mike Scott with $2500 NISS prize sure, I'd love to ride for you, or senate or hyper, but I sk8 for the fun of it, if I happen skate for a team too, fine.
But now sk8ers aren't sk8ers they're unemployed teens looking for jobs, and skating is what they qualify for.
That stinks, skating was never made for just money or equipment, it was for fun and now people are starting to skate for money, not for fun and it's pissing us reall skaters off. please take this letter to the heart, and e-mail me back what you think.

Later . . .


Hey Man - Thanks for writing. We aggree with what you're saying. In the old days - guys used to excel in their sport for fun and glory - kind of like good grades 'n stuff - they're important - but really only for yourself - they represent who you are and how you fit into the scheme of things.. . .
It's our pleasure to pay the entrance fees for our skaters so that they can compete for the prizes that they earn - and not have to worry about the money. . . . . And if they wear a Hot Rails shirt - we're happy - low key . .. ..
Photos of Mike Scott by Tony Donaldson
We take your letter to heart - I'm gonna put it on the web. it's skaters like you that make this sport so cool! . . .you're the one. . . . Hang in there - Slider

Hot Rails Sk8rs

Hi, I`m one year sk8er from Chile and I wanna know if i can have an hotrail. I think you don`t send rails outside the eeuu. If you can do it please send me an e-mail, i`ll apreciate that. Bye.

YEAH - Of cousre we send Rails to Chile - Federal Express collect to your nearest airport!! Check out the latest prices here...

Dear Hotrails, I am just getting into aggreesive skating, and am a pretty quick learner. I wanted to know what kind of rail you would suggest for me.
I had a fall on my roller blades about a mounth ago, trying to pull of a trick on my freinds ramp he made. I fell and broke my wrist. I got wrist guards, and have the other padds, including the helmet, and my mom won't let me try grinding unless I get a teacher.
Do you know were I can find a person, or park were I can lean how to grind?
Yours truly, Chris Perry

Member - IISA

For the best teachers around
- Contact the IISA

E-mail 'em at iisahq@erols.com

or call 301-942-9770 They can help you find a teacher near you -

NISS Huntington Beach Finals 96 Dear Hotrails,
Hi! My name is Kristen, one of those "rare" girl skaters, and, unfortunatly a victem of the "made it a home equipment" ramps (broken arm) , so, I've decided that I really want to use quality products that I can trust.
I scouted around a bit and talked with friends and decided that your rails would be the best. One question, though. . . .

The #1 Question that we get is:


when we still have to pay a huge amount for shipping, too? To buy the slant rail and extension, the combo I want, it will cost me a little over 400 dollars!!!!! That's about the price of 4 rails!!!! I understand everything you talked about in the little article about prices, but that seems a huge investment for a 15-year-old to make, especially on (no offense) peices of metal. This would be all my money, and I really want them, probably pay 400+ for them, but my point is, for $50 more, I could buy myself and my buddy a new pair of K2 Fatties!!!!
Thanks for listening,
Kristen (aka Teddy)

Kristan - the best thing that I can tell you is to buy your rails when we are having a sale - Right now If you buy a SLANT with an EXTENSION it will only cost you $327.90!! - But you have to hurry 'cause it;s only good 'til July 31 'n then I don't know what's gonna happen . . .
If you have any questions, comments, dirt, or know the latest . . .

E-mail US!


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