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gal1506.GIF - 38398 Bytes


yo Hot rails.
youze is the best!
heres some pics of my friends,
Scott Raser
Tim Taylor
and Will Gordon

gal1508.GIF - 45350 Bytes

ever heard of them?
haha i dunno,
were not sponsered yet.

gal1509.GIF - 48744 Bytes

anyway, hope you like the pics. SK8 OR DIE 4 LIFE!
Yo!! who took these shots? They're pretty good! let me know! ... cool ~

hey waz^ my name is chad and i have been sk8tin for about a year now and i have cum a long way. i street every 1s-and-ahwile but i am mostlyt vert. here r sum of the grinds i can do: makia, x-grind, frontside, bakside, pornstar, gay cowboy, fastslide, bakslide, soul, topside soul, fishbrain, mizou, and i can sece slide. i also can combo most of these.sum of my air tricks are method, safety, mute, lui kang. my most favored tricks are my handplant and my fronthndspring out of the half pipe. this would be an honor to get sponsorship so please consider me. also i have a friend named andy and he can do all those tricks plus even more so if u could consider him too. another thing is that i think that i may start a team so if you could sponsor my team then that would b great.
P.S. hey my e-mail address is so just e-mail me there i also don't have a scanner so i need to mail my pics in so thanks for all ur cool stuff ur stuff kicks @$$. hope u consider us.
Get those pix in and we'll check 'em out! - Laters ~

Cool!! 2 BUd's! ... Way to go guys!
Micahj.JPG - 25774 Bytes

Ay Whats up? This is Micah again and here are some new pics!!! The one Where I am doing a grab is a unity grab. I dont know if it is a grab yet though! Micahj2.JPG - 20264 Bytes

The other one is a Mizou from a 1 1/2 foot gap to the edge. It may sound weird but we put a long peice of wood there so me and my friend could land it. THANX for the sick skating site youve made for us!!! Peace OUT!!!!
No Prob!

left.gif - 36745 Bytes

Hey my name is Markie and im 13 years old. I skate with Micah stevenson and his pics were taken by me and my pics were taken by him. One of these pistures is a cess slide and the other is a mute. right.gif - 31939 Bytes

Finally there is a good aggresive skating site!!!! Well see ya L8er sk8ers


  Don't forget to check out Hook-Me-UP@!!!! - there's lotza guys over there!

girl skaters    hey i've bin skating for 1 year im a guy skater and i think girl skaters are cool. like their's some who live around where i live and they saw me skatin and asked me to help them out with some basic tricks.(before they had started skatin). and now every time one of us learns a new trick we teach each other how to do it.
right now im trying to help them with a 540. it's really cool. but we can do a lot of other tricks. were always jumping over trash can's and jumping 10-15 stairs and grinding most of the rails around here 2. can u please reply? and if u can u put it on u'r site which i think is really cool. well gtg bye hope u reply bye

360.gif - 30630 Bytes

YO wazupthis is Matt from palm beach Florida bustin some air.

I'd just like to say, in agreement with the Tassie dude doing that mad pudslide, that all of you grommets posting to this page are eons away from getting sponsored. Go buy an issue of VG (i recommend #20 or BMC 4 if you want to brought back down to earth a rung or two), and realise that half of the kids in any of the VG vids are not sponsored. And they absolutely RIP on all of you, me included.
Only a small percentage of kids out there are lucky enough to get some sort of payment for their skills, and that's because they are execptionally good. Not just good, not just great, but exceptional. On another level.
So stop asking for sponsorship. You will get approached very quickly if you are half way decent enough to deserve it, which none of you are ANYWHERE NEAR judging by your pics (except that tasmanian guy). Most pros have been going hard for the last decade or so. So stop your dreaming and go have a skate FOR FUN.
Don't forget most company types in the industry are skaters too, either current or past pros, so by wanting sonsorship you will have to impress them, not some 4 year old leaning against the fence at your local park. Once you can halfcab topside a rail or throw a 540 down a decent 15 set, u might get noticed. You are all a very long way off. Accept it and move on. Don't aim to be pro tommorrow, cause u will be very dissapointed.
Stop asking for sponsorship. It's really sad.

grindfac2.gif - 36547 Bytesone you will download is a bad pict of me grinding the top of a handrail

hi i was wondering if u could sponcer me im going to show u tons of my great pictures there will be alot more comin please e-mail me back right away and tell me what u think grindfac.GIF - 37200 Bytes

Yo what up hotrails, i live in halifax and im 15 years old and ive been skating for about 6 or 7 months, all my friends think i can get sponsered, here are the grinds i can do (i only do street) soul,porn,mizou,acid,top porn,topsoul,topmizou,topacid,mistrial,top mistrial,top tourque soul,xgrind,unity,royell,switchroyell,bs royell,fullt torque, bs full tourque, bs torque, fs torque,backslide,fastslide,fishbrain,makio,ally-oop soul,soyell,ally-oop mizou,ally-oop acid, ally-oop porn,ally-oop x,bs unity,kind grind, ally-oop fishy(best grind ever!!), ally-oop top porn, allyoop top soul, tru top soul, alyooop top acid, tru soul, tru mizou, tru porn, i skate switch and regular so i can do just about all of these switch to, and thats all i can remember right now, i can do some spins and grabs to but i dont really do them much...o yeah i can do a brawny out of the bowl we have here in hali. The company i would wanna get sponsered by the most would either be razors or usd, i dont no how i found yur sight so could u just reply to this with an email about what u think   thanks..oh yeah my name is mitchel haha
Once again .... i can't stress how important it is to back up your claims with some pics!!   E 'em or Send them to :   45 Park Place South    PMB 101    Morristown, NJ 07960

Check this next pic ....
it's freakin' AWSomE!!!

Ryan's painting

Hey hotrails whats up? my name is Ryan and im 15 from downers grove illinois and was wondering if you could post up this pic of i made it from water colors and speacial paint if you could i would greatly appreciate seeing my art on your website cause i worked for days on it to get the detail all worked out and if you do put it on could you email me back to let me know Thanx , fellow sk8er Ryan

We don't know how many of you realize that we do BLOW OUT ART Shows over in the Mangled Mansion..... (Travis - we haven't forgotten you Bro.. hang in there!!!) Chekc 'em out!

Looking for someone to roll with? . . ..


Looking for someone to roll with?

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We got 'em comin' in every day!

Keep your pics coming!! - We're rippin' right thru them 'n we got a lot more to get up!! PLUS - gotta say - you peeps doing the shooting are really catchin' some great shots!! Well done!

Conrad Australia

hi i was just lookin at ur page n i realized u dont have many good pics so i thought u could use these there of my freinds in a lil island off australia called tasmainia. and a message 2 every one who sends in pics u gotta realize rollings not all bout getin sponsered its bout havin fun and if ur only in it to get sponsered u should quit ur probly not that good any way im only writin this cause every 1 says im not sponsered and i want 2 be. 1 more message dont send in fake pics u can tell if there fake if u send them in ur just another dumb poser. Conrad

i got PICS!

This is my best-trick competition winning front flip, and also a pic of me on a Woodward 12' vert ramp. evan front flip

I was also wondering if you could sponsor me, I can do up to 720s( off a fly box and 360 on vert) and Im currently working on misty flips and can also do all kinds of grinds, if sponsorship doesn't work then maybe you could hook a brotha up with some tee's or stickers.yo, I just emailed you about the front flip, I did land it and it won second in a Woodward competition (winner hit a 1080) and first in a sanctuary skatepark competition, just to clarify.

This way to Sk8Chat . . . Like International . . . even . . !

GapOver Bush

here ya go.... check em out put any of em up...... my name is andy from NY Long Island...... itd be cool if u could send me an email when u got a chance to post em up..... Thanks Pace  DirtyMonkeyLLama (left and right!)


handplant to eva

Hello there,
Im Pieter from Holland. I saw your website and i just had to mail u these pics. Keep on the good work for the aggr. inliners. Waitn 2 hear from u, Pieter

Hey I'm a female skater and not many guys are totally cool with it (mainly i show em up) but seriously .. why do guys have such a problem with female skaters ? its not like we gonna take over or anything.
I respect the guys who have the guts to skate but I mostly admire the girls who have the guts to skate so I have this to the Female Skaters:
GO Girl!! .. 'n for more Femme's that Rule - go to
blglsbansm.gif - 9567 Bytes

360 a 5 stair

Waz up My name is micah and im 12 years old.this is me 360 a 5 stair .Hope you see it

jufo.GIF - 25957 Bytes

hey hotrails. i check out ur site mostly every day and i was wondering if u could put some of my pics up.(left below and right)  my name is jordan and i'm from las vegas nevada. i'm not sponsored, yet. thanx a bunch. later!

jpeepsg.GIF - 42679 Bytes





method over two barrels

Hey I'm name is Blake   (Left)...and I'm from New York baby! Been skating for about 5's my method over two barrels.  DaRk TiNk CHyLd

I need to be sponsered!!!!
Hey Hotrails i've been checkin out your site 4 about 3 months now and i must say i really am impressed. Some sites dont help worth a flip (but hotrails.....). Any way i have been skating for around ayear or so and im really thinking i have a chance at being sponsered. I dont really know who I would like to sponsere me but im hopeing you could help me.(From the kids say at this sight you really help!). Oh, by the way im 13 and my name is Kevin.Here are the tricks I have mastered so far(I am quiet good at grinding.).   Grinds---> Soul, Frontside, Backside, topsoul,pornstar, and royle. Grabs---->Mute, Safety,method, and working on a handplant. Thanx a bunch, Kevin
P.S. E-mail me at
Yo Kevin!  As i've said before .... Send me or E-mail me some pix .. and I'll put' em up! . . . . . . exposure is what you need to start showin' the guys with the $$ that your request is for real... i'll keep an eye out! Cool Later . . . Slider ~

And we got the first of our SUMmER WRAPS!!
Ariel Surun - Left
Starting with:

Ariel Surun




This way to SK8chaT .. Sweet! Your friends and ours ... BE THeRe!!

MAJOR Competition fun!!

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And incase you haven't figured it out yet .. the SKATE Calendar is open to

Check it Out!! and SPREAD THE WORD!

Keep your pics coming!! - We're rippin' right thru them 'n we got a lot more to get up!! PLUS - gotta say - you peeps doing the shooting are really catchin' some great shots!! Well done!

Huge air   Can you put this pic on your page? ~Tom

Hey - as you go down the page .. check this - All of the AWESOME SK8rs from the UK ... definitely happening over there!! SwEEt!

porn on the island green rails

This is the 1st time that I have written to you. My name is Greg. I am 13 and I am from Wrexham in Wales in the Uk. This is not me but it is one of my friends from the Wrexham Crew. He is doing a porn on the rails in Island Green shopping centre (left). I couldn't find the pic of me that I wanted to send in to you so I will send in a pic of me during the week.
Roll 4 Life & Sk8 4 Eva Greg  ( the psycho sk8er )

Hey my name is Eric. I am 13. I can't send a picture because our digital camera is broken, but I would like to say you guys have a great page. I think it is cool how you guys give sk8ers a chance to show off their stuff on the web. My friends and I will eventually get a camera and get on your page. Thanx


Hey, im Dan, (Left and below)  Im 18 years old and from the UK. been trying to get my name known in my local area for a while and doing the skatepark circuit quite a lot.


nice to see people out there still serious about skating because its just tha sickest sport out there. Hope you like my pic. laters dan



Hey hotrails,
it's BigD here from the UK. (Right and below)
I've been skating for just over a year and aggresive skating is the best. I've recently learnt tricks on rails and my favourite and best at the moment is a switch topsoul to truespin alley-oop topsoul.


Anyway if you are going to start up a team then us over in the uk would love to get in volved with that as it is very hard to find sponsors over here.

hey my names chris,
i was just wondering if it is possible for you to sponsor me. I don't have any pictures yet but im trying to get some. My best air tricks are any kind of grabs, 360 grabs, 540 grabs and a 720. The grinds i can do are frontside, backside, torqe, slap attack, soul, pornstar, mizou, mistrial, acid, makio, soyale, toyale, topside pornstar, topsoul, topacid, sweatstance, kind grind and backslide.I also can do any kind of ses slides. If you can't sponser me then i was hoping you could send me some free stickers clothes, skate parts or someting. Thanks chris

Well - Ya gotta start somewhere ... 'n sending in your pix is step #1 ... so let's see what ya got! - Cool - laters ..

liu kang liu kang   Any words to go with this pic? Thanks! . . . . . Slider

shiftyg.gif - 47239 Bytes


jimmy landing a 360  

Hey im Jimmy and I'm 13 years old. Iv been aggressive skating for ove 2 years.I'm not a sponsored skater but hopefuly i will. My website is i have no pics on it yet. My screen name for AIM is wetwillywax. Later


David Transplant

HEY! i can do a frontflip pornstar soyale frontside soul ghettoplant invert and about 20 more so email me if your interested i'll send more pix later
Deffinitely!!! Send 'em in!! Ryan Hand plant

i've got pix of my bro too he's the one in the black sweatshirt (left) ...oh ya i wanna get sponsered too dont email me here email me at

360 over a 3 foot gap


hi im kyle can u put this picture of me on hot rails. im doing a 360 over a 3 foot gap. please email me back when u put it on thanks. and yes i did land it

MeTaLdArKnEsS.gif - 27429 Bytes

hey! my name is bill this is a pic of me doin a method (left). im 12,almost 13, an i live in chicago illinois. if u ever do get a team could u keep me in mind?... metaldarkness21. i can do a method,safety,mute,lui-kang,soul,topsoul,miszou,pornstar,top sidepornstar,makio,fronside,x-grind,backside,badslide,fastslide,180-540 and i can gap alot of stairs. thanks!

SPEEDYUNC.gif - 57688 Bytes

hey can you put this picture in ur webpage and email me when u have it in??
You got it Bro! and anyone else .... SEND "em In!!
And if you sub hasn't shown up yet - hang in there 'cause we've got a ton more to get up!!! - Laters......

Check iT OUT!!
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