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NOT HERE man - This is a collection of sites sent to us by you - its not for the big guys - personal pages only! Another way to get the word out. So if you got something that you want to share - E-mail US! ... AND for those of you who maybe sent something in ... the Bad news is that Kirsen SPILLED HER COFFEE!!! on the work disc ... the Good news is that if you send it again ... I'LL PUT IT UP MYSELF!! ... Laters .. Slider

The N.A.P. Skatepark

Hey Slide! My main man.
I got my fly lookin, fresh, big air, cool site. It's called "The N.A.P. Skatepark". It's an info page, well kinda. It's located at . I have an ad and a pic. Use both please! Ok. The N.A.P. Skatepark

Thanks my homeboy.
P.S. If you can hook us up with some free launch ramps, we'd really appreciate it. Oh yeah!!!! Hotrails is our site of the month.

Skaters Chat - Kewl!

Hi i have just recently made an inline skating site and would like for it to get out and for people to now aout it because it is pretty cool it isn't just another "dans cool guy site" from ten years ago that has never been updated
it is truly hardcore underground now. It features some of the most progerssive and intense/insane skating done in the dallas area. The address is check it out and see if you can't add me to your personal pages list if you think it can hang.
E-mail me back @ . I thought myself how to do html in my computer class. My teacher said we could either take this list of html code and make a site or do some lame internet activity so i figured it out. tell me what you think! thanks co
Good start Bro!! keep it up!

buy cheap skates

Can you please tell me how to post pics onto the sk8 chat applet ? I asked a million people and they just became jerks about it ..
Please enlighten me ...... Thanks Robbie -

At the "sign-in" place where it asks you for a name .. put in THE ADDRESS OF THE PIC LIKE IT WAS A PIC ON YOUR PAGE .... i can't write the intructions out here 'cause they turned into the page and then you can't see the script ... if you e-mail me - i'll try it that way ... BUT - the pics have to be REAL SMALL so as to not clog up and slow down the chat ... NOBODY LIKES ThAT!! laters ... --------------------

hey check out my skating site ... .. (Tri Tri)

cool ..

Hey, Whats up Slider...
I've been skating for more than 5 years now. I'm really good and i want sponsorship. Anyways thats not what i'm here to talk about. I wanted to ask if you could help me out by posting a link to my skating web page. I'ts been up for a couple months now and i need help advertising it. It is really a great page. It's got everything! It has videos, skating tutorials for each grind, it has a butt load of pics, it has a games section, you can watch music videos, and learn how the system is messing america up! The address is Check it out and thanks for atleast reading this... \_(Brian)_/

Skaters Chat - Kewl!

Can you put my website addresse on your site?
hI! i was wondering if you could put my website on your site--like puting it as a link or somethink.. thanks! it talk about aggressive skating and body piercing (more to come) thanks!

  • i sent my page in bofore and i've been working and i do have your so can u post mine. the address . thanx!!!
  • Here is my adress:
  • click the button on the sidbar that says skate
  • Here is my Homepage for all aggressive skaters, NO POSERS! Hope you like it. Sign the guestbook while your there, Thanx! Keep Skating -5 2 9 Goda:
  • I was wondering if I could get a link on yur page?
  • Hey, this is Zach.
    e-mail- p.s. I'm putting a link on my page right now to yours so everyone will see hotRails!!! This way to Sk8Chat
    Hey there! I am a 15/f from maine. I love to skate. I have been skating for 2 1/2 years, and I am never gonna stop. So when you see the little granny out there on the pipe, say "hi Katrin" Cause It will be me! Later skaters!

    Hi, I love your website, and I like the idea of having letters from chicks, I hope you will post mine up there ^^^^^. Thanx a bunch. If you arent too busy, could you mail me back sometime. If not I understand, cause you are so busy. Catch ya later! Goda:

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  • Unity

    here is a great site and a great pic click here for a great web site. i attached a photo of me duing a unity enjoy.

  • Gabriel "FishBrain" E-mail: IRC: #aggressive on EFnet
  • i want u to post me and my friends web site that we just started on "the wall". please post it.
  • Hey sup yo! Check my skater website out, its really cool with lots of cool pics and links its at PEACE Jesse
  • hello !!! this is may homepage address and this site is written in chinese we are in taiwan.....we have a lot of cooooooooool..... picture.... my address is good luck bye...... any message mail to me.....
  • hey, im a chick skater and my adress is... Its an awesome page and has some good pictures...cya Wendy thanks alot awesome page! and see if you could post it up for me thanx!!!
  • Here's my website... ....please link to it. -- Everything BMX
  • H.E.L.L.
  • here is a really good website for inline skating, skateboarding and music this is my friend's site. hope u like it.
  • Hi I was wondering if you could add my East coast skating page to your links thanks By the way my Friend Renee skates she competed in Santa monica Niss finals Late.
  • check out my web is on BMx though...but i will get inline up soon....i hope! -- L8er ~Stew ************************************************************** STEVE'S EXTREME SPORT PAGES!!!
  • Post my webpage address
    well...uhm..maybe...oh! visit my page today! I think...
    Aggressive Page! Here's this one And this one
  • Hey wuz up. Just to let you know, this is my e-mail and my web page is here. See ya. -Adam

  • this is a link to my aggressive skaint site, i have a major update coming really soon so watch out for it
    lata Brett

  • Hey!

    here is my new page with tons of pics of ur favorite skater Aggro Skating is life

  • here - From: WeiRdFiRe@AOL.COM (WeiRd FiRe)
  • Yo ma!!! check out my page Thanks Kaveman
  • Check this out! H.E.L.L.


    The Address

    This way to Sk8Chat

  • here is a really good website for inline skating, skateboarding and music Date: 98-02-08
    this is my friend's site. hope u like it.

  • Please add me to your links Date: 98-01-14
    Hi I was wondering if you could add my East coast skating page to your links thanks By the way my Friend Renee skates she competed in Santa monica Niss finals Late.

  • Post my webpage address
    Date: 97-12-21

  • Date: 97-12-20
    visit my page today!
    I think... -------------------- TRY THIS Or This . . .

  • Date: 97-09-06
    Hey wuz up. Just to let you know, this is my e-mail and my web page is here. See ya. -Adam

  • this is a link to my aggressive skaint site, i have a major update coming really soon so watch out for it lata Brett

  • Nothing like a traditional "hello". My name is Cori and I live in Ortonville Michigan. The town is mainly ruled by skateboarders, but we all seem to get along. I think there are 3 other inliners besides myself, but I have never been able to hook up with them. Anyways, here is my web page address, I hope you like it:

  • hey here is my new page with tons of pics of ur favorite skater Aggro Skating is life
  • here Date: 97-12-13

  • Yo ma!!! Date: 97-12-12 check out my page Thanks Kaveman
  • Yo wazzzz up? i got 1:
    put them up
  • My page has only just gone up, it is under construction to the max, so check it out at: I just got a scanner so it will get better soon. Thanks
  • You wanted some addresse´s. Here´s mine: I´ll hope you like it... Henrik. buy cheap skates

  • Here is my page that i just got and already have added a lot to it, so if u could ad to ur list i'd be happy. It's VIR2L's Aggro Page thanx~dan
  • Hey guys what's up....This is my page.I have another one and that "Dope Page" but here is my new one.... Ågg®ò §kà†îñ check it out..
    Keep it real guyz and gerlz¤¤Cargo¤¤ Joe
  • I think my friend and I's Aggressive Skating page would be a great asset to your page. You can check it out at Thanks a lot. Travis DISASTER. . . .
  • Hi my name is Chris and I have a site called Tribe 250.
    I would be glad if you put a link to my site because there are lots of sic pictures i'd like more people to see. And hot rails are cool to tell you the truth i'd buy hot rails..
    Tribe 250. Thank you very much
  • here's my page i try my hardest and update it every night!
    it's called AGGRO SKA8ING FOR YOU! see ya~~doke
  • please put my site on your page. I have your site on my page
  • i've got 1!
    The THIRD put them up on your page
  • Please add my site to your Personal Pages Wall.
    This way to Sk8Chat
  • Here my page for aggressivge skating and if you guysn wanna be a big help sign my guestbook while you're in there
  • my friend has a hotrail and i am planning on buying 1. my web address
  • hey. i sent you the link to my page but it's not on the wall. well here it is again.
  • rollerblading is fun
  • Tell me what you think
  • (Big Bee's Page) this page is about aggro skating in Arnprior Ontario Canada (near Ottawa)! It's about our skate park and my aggro friends! It's got lots of links to all the best sites Like HOTRAILS, and HARDCORE AGGRESSIVE!! Hope to see you there!
  • please please please link this site off your page. we worked very hard on it: the 407skatepage thank you the 407 skaters
  • Here's my address
  • hey what's up. well this is my page and it's going to be finished in the next week or so. please put it on your wall!! please!
  • hot rails Im cam ferrara and im from hopewell nj. there arent many skaters here. so we all decided to make a team it is called TEAM ICON - none of us are very good but we have fun. our web site is at: team icon right now it just has some pictures of me skating about 6 or 7 mounths ago but im working on it. so check it out and make a link. cam ferrara
  • Ok Bro -You got it!
  • My page is called the lil aggro skate page. Its kinda good but need some more work your page is a link on mine could you do the same? my page thanx -Rory
  • hey heres my page's address thanks Clint
  • address - this is an awsome page lots of new tricks
  • and email us at -matt Potter
  • Ok, Here it is And if you know there i can Get some SENAT£™ stuff for my page i would be REAL thankful.I really like SENAT£™.I have everything SENAT£™.This christmas i am getting SENAT£™Arlo Eisenburg outside wheels.And SENAT£™ Randy "Roadhouse" Spizer grind wheels.I know you think i am wiers cuz im just babling but i used to be on aol and now i had to get off cuz the guides didnt like me.And i am just trying to make friends so thank you for your time Sinncerly,Brandon P.S If you know any GIRLS or guys who live and skate in memphis can u tell me?
    HEY GIRLS - E-mail him - if he sounds good . . . . .

  • hey my page address
    my page is
  • YO sup? Gotta loves these railz... i'm savin my $cash$ for one of them.... well being a girl sk8r or "sk8r chic" as most guys refer to us, i thought it would be appropriate to let u peepz check out my site AgGrEsSiVe Sk8Rz aNaNoMoUs ....thanx...Peace...l8rz
  • the brazilian aggressive skate team *****KREBOW'S*****

    KREBOW'S LOGO Hi!!! My name is Henrique Carqueja de Lara (macarrão). I live in Rio de Janeiro,Brazil!
    I'm a street skater (a good one) and I 'm part of KREBOW'S Team !!! We have a home page and I'd love you put it in your Hot Links! Our page is very good and it gat better every week!! the address is: check it out!!!!!
    bye!! Macarrão!!!!
  • this is actually for my freind who owns the website but i find him pix so if you could put up our ¤¤¤dOpE page¤¤¤
  • here is my web site - hope you all like it. Sk8terarlo's AGGRO Page .
  • From: Newkdntwn1
  • I already linked your site on mine. Can you do the same for me? buy cheap skates

  • My page -
  • hi this is the adress to my page, it's pretty crap right now, but it's under construction. rob
  • From: PrimRibs - this is my site Link SkateBoarding there you go!
  • My skating page address is Clay Demler

  • Hey wuz up. Just to let you know, this is my e-mail and my web page is here. See ya. -Adam

  • Hey- It's me Matt - the one that offered you the web page before, from Your page and products keep getting better. Thanx for being so cool!!!
  • Hey what's up Slider here's the link to my page I'll think you'll like it
    AgGrEsSiVe Sk8iNg See-YA Keep It Real.
  • Hey, I saw that you wanted web addresses. My page is called John's Aggressive Skating Page. The url is:
  • Well, I don't know if this is the correct place to write about myself, if not, well, I have nothing to lose. I'm form Lima, Peru.... you know.. South America. I got intorduce into aggressive street skating with help of a Candian friend. We used to be the only ones to gridn and do that stuff.
    Diego Miranda About problems here with mom and dad and police.... well NO PROBLEM MAN!!! My dad even bought me my skates, he really likes that I skate but he doesn't have the complete idea of what I do, I think that they think I do recreational skating and things like that.
    About cops... hahahahhaha don't make me laugh. I have skated many many times on front of cops destroying public property (not exaclty destroying, just leaving pieces of my skate around. haha) and they have never done anything. besides if they come to bother you you just give them some money so that they gan go to buy their beers and... problem solved.
    The problem comes when I skate around some people's house, because they do get mad and start to yell, but nothing big.
    Well, you must be bored of reading this. I just felt like writing.
    Visit my page for some more skating in Peru: Diego
  • I have an aggro page which is pretty popular (its on the ramp page) The adress is L8ter Jay
  • You wanted people's web pages here's mine: hope you like it! ------------------------------Joe from Philly This way to Sk8Chat
  • One for the GIRLS!!
  • here's my page my page
  • Please post this letter: Sup? I love your rails, I skate on them everytime I go to my cousins. But unfortunally I don't see him much. I want to buy your kinked rail but I just don't have the money.
    I've been skating for about 6 months on a bench one of my friends has because there's no where to skate in Michigan except for skate parks which cost money. Thanks for listening, Laterz. Josh Boren West Bloomfield, Michigan
    P.S. You can e-mail me at Jnco, or visit my skating page by clicking here.or try this PS - If your page didn't make it - it's now because some Auto-link checker said it was down ....or I screwed up and also... i still got a bunch from thet last few... so Just send it to me again - Thanks - Slider . .

    Now back toHOT RAILS LOGO

    This way to Xtreme Central...
    a different kinda "Civilization".....


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