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Trek Bicycle Stunt TeamBring you
TREK Team Riders
for a day in
Mike Kaiser
Morristown, New Jersey

Fall Fest in this little, Historical northeast town brings everyone out for a day Music, Shopping, Food and this time - BMX!
Marty, a very cool dude who's got the hottest bike stores in the state - kind a "one stop" source for all the latest bike stuff 'n clubs 'n Adopt-a-trail type info . . .you know . . .
so he gets this great idea and the next thing you know - Mobile 1/2 pipe we got a 1/2 pipe loaded on the square.

The ramp was lowered by Hydraulic pressure within the 2 sides of the pull apart "Ramp-Van" - amazing! A few under supports and a click here and there and they were ready to ride.

Skaters waiting for the show Everyone was ready. John Cousert catchin' air

Treck brought Three members of their extreme team from Chigaco.
John Cousert (riding for 5 years), Mike Kaiser, ( riding for 12 years), and Bill Thompson - who did a great job on the mike.

Bill on the mike While the audience snacked on everything from burgers to Tandoree Chicken - The Trek Team were goin' through the paces

NO FOOTER BY JOHN540's - No Footers - No Handers - Bar Spins and UNBELIEVEABLE AIR!!


It was an EXCELLENT DAY!! We all want to thank Marty's Reliable Cycle Shops for making this scene happen.


HEY! - Thanks to everyone for your support - we really appreciate it and if you have any ideas about stuff we oughta know . . . . or stuff ya wanta see . . .
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