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BMX dirt bikes - NSS NYC 2000

What ever happened to NISS?? ... They Dropped the "I"!
Now they're NSS!!
Check it out!

The NAP Skate Crew
Nick - MUTE

Hey, Wuz up slider?
Over here in Maryland, we have a little 2 person skate team. We consist of me (Nick), and my buddy Phillip. We were wondering if you could post our pics and our website or the hotrails page or pages.

Nick - X GRIND

Our address is http://skater.spydar.com - thanks dude...
and if you could hook us up with some left over hot rails that'd be sweet.


(and no i'm not kidding) :) I've got three pics of me (Nick). Pic whatever ones you want and post em please. Thanks.
The NAP Skate Crew For Maryland.
P.S. the first pick is a mute. the next is a 180 safety, the last is an x grind. ______

help me in my search!!!
I am looking for two 17-year old male in-line skaters that used to live in Renton, WA, but now live in Winthrop, WA. We were friends, but then distance got in the way. I want to try our friendships again and I just want to know how they are doing. RAZOR SCOOTERS
Please help me find my old friends. Their names are Bobby Tateishi and Brian Wall. If you or anyone else knows how to get in touch with them...please e-mail me at mallow6922@aol.com. My friends and I would greatly appreciate any help that you can give in our attempt to reunite with our skater friends.
They know us as the 'Kirkland' girls.
yours truely, Hardcore Kirkland Girls

We thank our Sponsors!

Dear hotrails,
NISS Chicago 1996 Remember these ... Our Prototypes ... we've come a long way baby!!!

I wish I could buy one of your rails but I don't have the money. I know it would be great if I did.
I learned my first grind about a month ago and I haven't grinded since because I live where there is not much concrete. Yesterday I saw your rails and right then I wanted one. Well thanks for listening. Maybe one day I will get one. your friend, john
Good luck Bro! We wish you well! - keep us posted.
Anyone got a used rail they'd be willing to sell? Infact - if anyone has ANY used equipment they wanta sell - Turn me on to it.. ... We'll start a used equipment board! I'll talk to 6th¢ ..he's been workin' on a board for us anyway .. Sweet - we could use it for this! Cool! Thanks - Slider

Kate Gengo Kate Gengo's lookin' awesome at the All Girls Skate Jamm .. She gets around! and she knows everybody!! .. excellent! .. Catch the word over on .. This way to Blade Girlz ..

hey i tink its realy cool how you guys got your oun page for aggresive skating
iam a aggresive sk8er from columbus ohio .
i sk8ed for over 2 years i sk8 with roces when i sk8 ,i sk8 with about 15 to 20 peole we seet up sk8 parks at local schools 3 times a month i plan on going to woodward this up coming summer and sevreral sk8 parks and maybe start in some compitishions my name is armon iam on my grand parents web tv if you would like to e-mail me my e-mail addres is firesk8er2000@aol.com
Wish the bestest luck to all of you on your good chouse of sports
i allso do wakeboaring and snow boarding
Very cool - got any pics .. you should after Woodward .. send 'em in Bro!! we'll put 'em up!

NYC skater at the WASN Fest 2000

HEADS UP everyone ..
An important request here:
"I am a skater with a problem .. my friends and I always get kicked out of skating spots because the city is not answering our requests for a free public skatepark. I would like you to e-mail them at info@ci.lakeville.mn.us and try to get them to listen to our requests. thanks

(Left) NYC skater at the WASN Fest 2000 Women's Aggressive Skating Network

New Interviews 'n more .. Check 'em out!!

Watch out for GRAVITY 2000 (Pic's above ..) We were there!

Check out the Triple XXX Skateteam Website
It Rules! http://www.geocities.com/Pipeline/Ramp/5179/welcome.html

Aussie bladers Hey, how are yuz all goin?
my name is Anthony yet i'm known as bazza, i'm an aggresice blader from western australia and i love it more then most things in life...
i'm getten better and better everytime i hit the street,..
landing frontside's and shifty's on the hand rails around here,
unity's have been branded out of style and i have been told that they are now old school, yet i still do them, i i can do them fairly well.
i'm looking to get a sponsorship onday soon, you know start at a little skate store and work up.. me and my boyz joel, tim, bodie, nicky and arron rip it up in the city a few time a month in the city skate spots.
they are all getten to be amazing bladers, joel and myself being the best of us. we cop heaps of shit from skateboarders and we give it back, but if they keep to themeselves then we keep to own turf.

Below - Fun 'n skating at Kona!! Send 'em in! skating at kona - dangerous!
well i might be able to send you guys and gals some pix soon, but untill then check ya later.
p.s for any chick's out there that blade, good on ya and i hope to god that we see some more of yuz, there is nothing better then a fine woman on a pair of "roces" rippen it up.
i'm trying to get my g\f into it but i might be in for a hard time. anyway i'll check yuz later...
good luck at all the bladers of the world.. we're the best!

Announcement!! Skaters Chat - Kewl! We're up!!

and better than ever!

D=Tour is takin' a break
Check out the WRAP so far!! -

Hey Slider,
Well it's james for the Triple X skate team here in Dallas, TX.
We been kinda of underground and also gone under but were still hanging in.
I finaly got a digital camera to send you pics of the team skating .. Image05.jpg - 5196 Bytes

but on the way back home i got on a kink rail and fell on my back pack which crushed the camera ... but i do have a pic of me and Ian at NISS '99 at fair park here in Dallas..
Well, i would personaly like to thank you for being there - because we have now created a name for ourself!
Our site has push over 8,000 visitors sent in.
It was started 5 months ago, you help us get our first sponser for the team, and you have helped keep in contact with all of the other bladers out there!

so a big THANKS from the whole team
and previous member of it!!
peace 2 all and keep on rolling!!!
Kidgrind.GIF - 48714 Bytes

- James Schmidt - Triple X Skate Team
Dallas TX, of the proud USA

Thanks Bro! - it's always good to hear that we could make a difference somewhere!!
If the pics ya got are good - use the snail mail Send them to : 45 Park Place South PMB 101 Morristown, NJ 07960 I'll return the pics
Thanks Later . . . Slider

The Chris Edwards' D=Tour
The Kewlest!! and we were there!!...
Check it out!!
(right) Boarder at the D=Tour

Don't Forget ...
Skater Chicks and Board Babes
A jUst For Us Girlz Type place....

This way to the Gravity Games General Info piece!

The First time ever

Gravity Games!!

Hi, My name is blader_guy and i was reading some of the mail and read one that made me think. Some moron wrote that bladers weren't coordinated enough to skateboard! This seemed strange because to blade you need alot of coordination than skateboarding ... so i think that person should go to school more often because that person knows squat. thanks

Im looking for Paul Lopez he's a blader I think his last name is Lopez please find him I want to know his age and where he lives and maybe his number lol i love bladers Always Cynthia

NISS Huntington Beach CA

i noticed your photo of jim murphy on your web site... i was wondering if you know of any way that i could contact him. i am an old friend of his , but i have been out of touch for quite a long time. thanks,
jake "from ohio" evans

Ray Mendez at the Gravity Games - ©1999 Target Online Inc

We got the Wrap in Pics like this one of Ray Mendez on Street! - We do it Like Nobody else! - so far we got the "General Gist" and Skateboard Street - Inline will be up ASAP so...Check 'em out!

Yes - the sponsor here is The Marines! Hello,
My name is Nick. I am from Maryland and a bad ass skate. I was wondering if you sell metal grind plates that fit the across all four axels. If you need to know my skates are Ultra Wheel's Sabatage, size eight and a half. I can't find any around my area. i have the 5 inch plastic plates. I hate them. it's hard to do a topside acid and other grinds. They are like a half an inch thick. Thanks, nick_crown@hotmail.com
We don't sell anything here yet... just waiting for the right cat guy to hook up with us... but until then - anybody know where he can hook up with the right plates? E-mail him if ya do = gotta stick together - Thanks, Slider

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