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National Skate Series
South Street Seaport

.. and boy things have changed!!! ..

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What used to be the National Inline Skate Series .. is now a 3 B Extravaganza!!!

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Blades - boards and Bikes all over the place ..

Traveling with the BMX dirt bikes for the first time ever ..
Talking to Rick Stark, he said "it's different ... bringing in the dirt adds an extra challenge.."

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It was actually pretty slick - it was still on the river .. nice wind - jet skiers comin' by checkin' it out ... or maybe just the chicks ..

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This year the street course was radically different! ....

as in ONE BIG 30+ft launch!!!
Talk about a Scary "Droppin' In" Man-O-man!!!

Just lookin' at that thing gave me veritgo! I guess you could say "just another SKY SCRAPER in the big apple" ... except - this one had skaters droppin' in!

Salima Sanga  from Canada

Salima Sanga now from Canada, was brave enough to give us a demo - this launch, on the River's edge catipulted her into the air - over a walk way - major air to 540 and then down on the landing street side.

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All of New York's finest showed - cuttin' it up ..including some of the Guys from the D=TOUR....

Instead of the Big Half pip set up under the highway - where everyone kept hitting their heads on the over pass.... this time they had a "stretch mini" placed out in the open ... at lot safer - but a lot hotter in this intense summer sun.

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Pratice runs were basic chaos 'cause there was a lot more room for skaters to wait up top and the runs were quicker - couldn't get as much air ... but the was a lot more sick gringin' goin' on than usual .. slick.. It was an entirely different format - lotza peeps and a beautiful day!

In between the Monster Launch and the Pier buildings .... was an entire built up mogul course consisting of 4 pretty decent jump piles.. giving plenty of room for 2 major tricks from each rider on each run.

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Gotta admit .. It was all quite impressive!
... Ever wonder how they get the bikes up to the top of the launch ....?!?

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with next ...
Rumor has it - Mark and Rick will be doing a SKI-BOARD Tour this winter .. so hang in here and we'll keep you posted!!


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